Trim - Various Wood Species; Pre-fabricated

Our trim package is where you'll notice the biggest impact in savings!  In addition you'll get a finished product that will be long admired!  We pre-cut specialty items such as headers, parting bead, stools, apron, etc., ease trim edges accordingly, then sand every piece of wood before painting/staining.  Providing sub-contractors with a pre-cut, finished product makes for quick and easy installation.  Less labor saves time and money.

Trim is either painted or stained with specialized stain/paint products for even adherence and rapid drying. A stain coat, sanding sealer and then a finish of your choice (satin or semi-gloss) provides the same furniture quality finish as our doors.  When you factor the time saved in having a contractor (or yourself) figure out what   you need, shop different millwork (trim) vendors, price out painting vendors, pay someone to cut speciality trim pieces, sand all trim, ease any edges, shut down the building progress for a painter or ship doors out to a paint shop, you'll see the savings in using our products and service instead!

We offer a wide variety of profiles, including custom profiles, in various wood species or pre-fabricated products.  Whether you're looking for a paint grade, painted or stained product, all our finishing is done in spray booths offering a protected environment.  Utilizing products that speed up the drying process and finishing in a paint booth helps to protect against much of airborne substances adhering to the finish.

We use and reuse all our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  This greatly reduces excess our waste which is disposed of through EPA guidelines.     

Ordering your trim along with your doors and interior wood work from one vendor makes sense. The color matches and the finish coat is the same.  Your time is valuable and so is your hard earned money.  We're here    to help make building your home or remodeling project a pleasant experience! 

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