DP Doors & Millwork in Belgrade Montana

   DP Doors & Millwork services the greater part of the state of Montana and also ships and services other states.  You can contact us at (406) 388-1610. Our fax is 406-388-1189. You may also reach us by e-mail at dpdoorsandmillwork@gmail.com

   Our product/services will save you time and money in a variety of ways; With pre-cut,
pre-finished product there is less material waste and less time installing.  One stop shopping saves valuable time as visiting different vendors and trying to coordinate colors can be frustrating.  Having a painter mask-out, prep and then finish doors and trim "in-house" is time consuming and expensive.  Having product painted and/or stained in a protected environment (paint booth) also provides a better quality finish!

   DP Doors & Millwork was established in 2005 and has grown from a 3 person operation to an, on average, 20 person crew.  Our sales reps are former builders so they understand the building process.  This experience enables us to provide customer service above and beyond other companies.  We've developed a reputation for providing outstanding service, quality product and furniture-like quality finishes. 

   We're constantly looking for ways to expand our product lines to make building a simpler process for contractors/homeowners.  We're centrally located in Belgrade, MT and look forward to hearing from you!